Meet Our Talented Spiderman

Winner best Superhero Performance: SupaNova 2018

Jordan Shome is a talented performer with 10 years experience in dance and performance.  He is also no stranger to acting on the stage. Most importantly, he is a Superhero Geek! His love, passion and in depth knowledge and study of superheroes combined with years of performing experience sees Jordan bring the true Spidey character elements to life. In fact, his performance as Spiderman at SupaNova 2018 was so good, that he won the overall title of best Cosplay performance.

From the age of 3, Jordan rarely wore normal clothes, preferring to dress up as his favourite Superheroes. (Little has changed). Jordan relates well to young children at parties and other events and has a growing number of young fans that follow him at pop culture events. See our kids party packages.

Corporate events are also common for Jordan even outside the Superhero world performing regularly at WNBL games for the past 4 seasons as well as festivals and other events. See our other events and charities packages/info.

Jordan also works with film-makers and photographers. Check out this great shot of Jordan taken by @realericdong 

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